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FAQs - Let's Work Together!

Welcome to my wee corner of the internet if you’re new here ‑ I thought I’d run through a few of the questions I get asked fairly often about my work to give the images posted here a bit more context. So, if you’re an art director, publisher or company looking for someone new to collaborate with, you’re in the right place!

1. Who am I? I (Laura) work as a freelance illustrator in sunny Glasgow, working from my little corner of a studio in the city centre. Since going freelance several years ago I’ve worked with folk from all over the place on a whole host of projects. Here’s a little self portrait I made for a project with the V&A Dundee looking a lot more put together than I do right now...

2. How do I make what I make? My illustrations are all made from paper, with lots of hand cut shapes neatly layered up on top of each other. These come together to make images that are bold and colourful, and I pride myself on paying close attention to detail through the whole process. I take my own photos of these paper cut pieces, being sure to get a good amount of shadow and texture in them (cloudy Glasgow days are perfect for this) and then I edit and prepare the shots so they’re ready for print or to be shared online. Quite often I add the smallest details with gouache paint and sometimes I’ll add digital elements or carefully paired type on top.

3. What are these images used for?

All sorts of things; from magazine covers and spreads, to social media campaigns, to podcast art, to bespoke one off pieces... I like to think that my style can appeal to all ages, but I have a particular passion for children’s illustration and would love the opportunity to work more in the kid’s book world in the future. 4. Some lovely folk I’ve had the pleasure of working with: @vadundee, @bravery_mag, @nickybenedettiofficial, @madebrave, @newmusicscotland, @pinnaaudio, @edinburghuniversity, @gfsmithpapers and @notonthehighstreet to name a few. 5. Isn’t it a faff?! I personally love working with paper, and find that it’s the way of making images that makes the most sense to me ‑ I tend to think in colour and shape rather than line and tone! There’s a lot of freedom with it too. It’s easy to think that once something is stuck down that there is no way to amend it, but to use the podcast artwork below as an example, we changed up the colour of the word ‘story’ and ‘go’ three times before we settled on this. It’s easy to take off an element if you’re not happy with it and take the photo again, and if it involves ripping the paper slightly then photoshop is a blessing too!

6. How does a project start? With sketches; You can find a few of my sketches in my story highlights on Instagram to give you some examples of how things begin ‑ once the client is happy with the composition, the general image and the colours then it’s all systems go for the paper side of things.

7. Turnaround Time Things do take their time, but I’ve got a lot quicker at making my pieces over the years. Some projects have been completed within a week or two, some take longer, but only when time is on my side. I’m always happy to chat more about this and tailor the timeframe to your needs.

8. How can I get in touch? If reading this has inspired you, or if you have a project that would suit my work then I would love to hear from you! You can find my full portfolio here on my Instagram or on my website ‑ drop me an email to and we can chat more. Thanks for reading this ramble and do keep in touch, Laura @lauraksayers

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