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Welcome to my illustrated world of bright colours, close attention to detail and

jolly characters.


I work  from my studio in sunny Glasgow, where I carefully craft images in my distinctive paper cut style for books, editorial pieces, stationery and more...

Laura Sayers-193.jpg

People and places play a big role in my work, and when I’m not working on client-led projects or bespoke artworks, I’m thinking up new ideas and worlds for children's books, pairing my vibrant illustrations with my own and other's writing. Working with paper allows an audience to feel drawn into a piece, with layers and shadows that almost seem to make an image jump off the page.

My way of working with paper involves layers upon layers of neatly formed shapes, most often cut with my trusty scissors.


I've gathered a few of my frequently asked questions right here if you're wondering how a project comes together in this medium, but I'm always happy to hear from you if you'd like to chat more about working on something new.  

Glasgow City Scene
My shop is gradually filling up with thoughtfully designed cards, stationery
and prints , with more to come...
These lovingly created paper cut illustrations are photographed and
edited with crisp shadows, soft colours
and lovely textures.
Everything is printed in the UK on to quality papers, often just round the corner from my studio, and posted out by me, internationally.
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