Laura is a freelance illustrator based in Glasgow where she works from a studio

in the Briggait, following a recent stint of working and running her small business in London. 

After graduating with a first class degree in illustration from the College of Art at the

University of Edinburgh back in 2017 she’s been honing in her style that originated at art school ever since, producing a body of new work over the last several years.

Her intricate pieces are all made meticulously from different layers of paper, cut with scissors and finished with finely painted details. These are then photographed and edited for reproduction, providing a final print that has depth, texture and a novelty charm. Through pairing her distinctive

style with her own writing and creating bold images often on a miniature scale, Laura's portfolio

explores many themes including childhood, faith, location and personalities.

She's part of the Paper Artist Collective, a featured partner of Not on the High Street

and is now proudly represented by Illo Agency.  Her recent clients include The V&A Dundee,
Pinna Kid's Podcasts, Bravery Magazine
, Nicola Benedetti, G. F. Smith, and Elle Magazine.



Channel 4, Lecture in Progress, Wix Websites, Secret 7", Frankie Magazine, All That is She,
The Design Kids (London and Glasgow), Flow Magazine (Germany), London Graphic Centre,
Picturehooks, Grazia Magazine Blog, Daphne's Diary Magazine, Clarity Magazine, 
Womanhood Magazine, Eolas Collective, Excel Blades, Arctic Paper, Craftsposure, Creative Boom,
the Cheshire Festival of Hope, Paperdolls Handmade, Ballpit Magazine, Likeness Press, Cass Art,
The Jam Factory and the Story Museum in Oxford, New Music Scotland, and BBC Radio Oxford
& Berkshire. Featured on Aye Magazine's list of 100 women to hire for speaking gigs,
having spoken at Glug Edinburgh in 2020, CCCF Edinburgh in 2018 and

Creative Edinburgh’s ‘Talking Heads’ event in 2017.