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Workshops | Online + In-Person

Making paper cut illustrations is a brilliant way to stretch

your creativity, shut off the noise from the world, and gradually build a delicate piece of art with low cost, easily accessible tools.

Upcoming In-Person Workshops

I have no workshops coming up at the moment, but check

back here for updates -  if you have a space where you would like to host something creative, let's chat!


Below you'll find a collection of the tools I rely on to create my pieces, to help you get started with your own creations!

Recommended Paper Brands
available internationally

Frames for Paper Art

These links lead to some of my favourite online shops for buying art materials and frames, and a very small percentage of each sale goes me as an affiliate - it doesn't change anything for you as the customer, but it's a small way to support my work as an artist. Happy snipping!

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