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An original miniature paper piece, hand cut and neatly framed by Laura in her Glasgow studio. The piece itself measures 2 inches in height, is mounted onto beautifully textured handmade paper with a deckled edge, signed and complete with an ash wood frame by Danish designers, Moebe. 


The Simmer Dim Collection is a small, exclusive series of miniature landscapes, inspired by the seen and unseen, and each stemming from a different Shetlandic word or phrase. ‘The Simmer Dim’ is what midsummer is known as on the island of Shetland - a time of endless daylight where the sun barely sets but rests gently on the horizon before rising again. Each of the shapes that make up this delicate piece are cut by hand using scissors, from high quality coloured, painted or tracing paper. Prints of this piece and the rest of the series are also available. 

Orders will take up to a week to be processed with special delivery, and come packaged with a certificate of authenticity, wrapped carefully in plastic free packaging. 

Original Miniature Piece | Hand Cut and Framed | The Simmer Dim

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