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An A5 digital print, hand finished with embossing by Laura in her Glasgow studio. The paper is a beautifully textured cream laid cardstock, 215gsm, editioned with a debossed initial, and neatly wrapped with a certificate of authenticity. 


The Simmer Dim Collection is a small, exclusive series of miniature landscapes, inspired by the seen and unseen, and each stemming from a different Shetlandic word or phrase. 'Shoormal' is a word which refers to the 'waters edge', as seen here, created after an autumnal trip to Loch Mallachie in Aviemore. Each of the shapes that make up the original piece which this print was based on were cut by hand using scissors, from high quality coloured, painted or tracing paper, before being photographed and edited carefully to get the colours right for reproduction.


As each print is finished by hand, orders will take up to a week to be processed and will be posted first class.

Shoormal | Hand Finished Embossed Print | A5

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